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With the pen of Lady Whistledown feverishly working London’s fictional elite in the second season of Bridgertonand season 3 of Derry Girls about to drop in the next few weeks, it’s safe to say that Nicola Coughlan’s name will be in the limelight for quite some time.

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However, while the Irish actor may have risen to prominence due to his performance in these roles, some fans may not have realized that Coughlan also has a pretty impressive TV and film resume. cinema (especially in the dubbing department). They are definitely worth watching if anyone has a spare moment or two.

ten Thor: Legend of the Magic Hammer – 5.0

Characters from the movie Thor Legend Of The Magical Hammer

  • No streaming information available at this time

This is a 2011 animated film that takes some characters from the Nordic tradition and tells a new fantastic tale with them. Thor: Legend of the Magic Hammer reunites Thor with his father Odin in a battle of good versus evil. The magic hammer is a character in its own right reminding the viewer of that of Disney The beauty and the Beast.

In this film, Coughlan is Edda – a confident and strong-willed woman, who is a friend of Thor. When the fighting begins, the village girl shows the bravery of a warrior, stepping up to ward off the giants. This isn’t the first time Coughlan has voiced a character, but this one stands out for its character’s independence and clear billing in the cast.

9 Summer of the Flying Saucer – 5.3

Summer Of The Flying Saucer movie poster

  • No broadcast information available

This is a brave 2008 Irish film set in County Mayo, Ireland in 1967. It is a mix of sci-fi fantasy, comedy and coming of age. The plot centers around Dan, who has come home looking a bit out of place with hippie style, and his encounter with a pair of aliens who have crash-landed in his backyard. Here, Coughlan provides the voice to Janis.

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What is unique about Coughlan’s contribution to this film is that hers is a voice-only portrayal. All other characters use their own voice. Joanne Kernan is physically onscreen as the alien Janis, but it’s with Coughlan providing her voice. This works to help add another element of quirkiness to the character – very fitting for this alien.


8 Svengali – 5.6

Svengali movie poster

  • Available to stream on IndieFlix

Svengali is a 2013 comedy film set in London. It’s a feel-good movie centered around Dixie, a sweet guy with big dreams. Dixie is engaged in a group that he discovers and likes his girlfriend. The film follows his struggle to reconcile his love life and his ambitions as a band manager.

In this film, Coughlan’s role is simply called “Club Girl”. There is no exceptional opportunity for her in this film. However, her role buys her screen time, instead of providing more voiceovers for children’s animated projects. It’s also a chance to share credits with actors like Martin Freeman and Vicky McClure.

7 Bridgerton – 7.3

  • Available to stream on Netflix

Now two seasons, Bridgerton keeps fans spellbound with its twists and surprises. The Netflix original series is set in Regency London and focuses on the sensational matchmaking seasons of London’s elite. Coughlan plays one of the main characters Penelope Featherington, who is also the secret writer Lady Whistledown.

Coughlan’s character is a bit of an intentional wallflower, pulling all the trickery on the ton. It’s fun to see Coughlan in another period piece and brings a touch of sass to the role. It’s also an interesting trick to see Lady Whistledown veiled by the voice of Julie Andrews.

6 The Ghost Cnut – 7.4

A young girl looking at the camera and smiling in The Phantom Cnut

  • No streaming information available at this time

This is an Irish independent short film which was produced in part by the Irish Film Board. The story centers on a Catholic classroom, where a priest walks into the classroom and is dismayed upon noticing writing on the board. He proceeds to confront a student named Katie, who is played by Coughlan.

It is one of Coughlan’s first on-screen performances. There’s little dialogue in the project, but her body language and expressions speak volumes. Her performance exhibits a spark that predicts the talent she will be able to hone in later roles.

5 SimsalaGrimm: Die Märchen Der Brüder Grimm – 7.6

Two characters from the series SimsalaGrimm Die Märchen Der Brüder Grimm

  • No broadcast information available

SimsalaGrimm: Die Märchen Der Brüder Grimm is a German animated series for children. The series takes viewers on a journey to the fictional land of Simsala to tell the stories of the Brothers Grimm in a warm and enjoyable way.

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Nicola Coughlan is a member of the series’ voiceover ensemble. Apart from Yoyo and Doc Croc, no character benefits from individual billing. Fans can listen to episodes such as “Der Eisenhans (Iron Hands)” and “Die Drei Kleinen Schweine (The Three Little Pigs)” to hear it.

4 Prostitutes – 7.7

  • Available to stream on Hulu

Run for 3 seasons on Hulu, prostitutes was an engaging and sassy spectacle set in London in the 1760s. The main plot of the series is the drive of Margaret Wells, played by Samantha Morton, to improve her life and that of her family. Coughlan joined the cast in 2018 as Hannah Dalton, who is employed by Wells.

It’s a role where Coughlan really comes into his own. She is no longer just a dubbing actress. This early spark of The Phantom Cnut is more rounded here. She holds her own as one of Wells’ ladies and also gets a fantastic warm-up to play other period piece roles.

3 Fairy Tales – 7.9

Cover of The Fairytales series

  • No streaming information available at this time

Fairy talesalso known as The fairy taleis a Danish anime series similar to SimsalaGrimm. It was created to celebrate the 200th birthday of Hans Christian Andersen. His stories are each told over the course of numerous episodes.

Coughlan joins the cast of voice actors. She can be found in episodes such as “Den Lille Havfrue (known as The Little Mermaid)” and “Kejserens Nye Klæder (The Emperor’s New Clothes). This is one of her first concerts, who undoubtedly helped her get started in credit construction.

2 Derry Girls – 8.4

Clare cracks under the pressure

  • Available to stream on Netflix

Derry Girls is a British sitcom that centers on the lives of 5 teenagers in Derry, Northern Ireland during the 1990s. Although fictional, Derry Girls sometimes reflects actual events. It’s an original comedy fleshed out fantastically by the cast and one of the central teenage girls is Clare Devlin, played by Nicola Coughlin.

Clare is a delightfully intelligent and anxious character. Coughlan makes Clare the cutest – the awkwardness and all. She also has great chemistry with her other teammates, as it really feels like they’ve always been friends. A third season trailer has been released, giving a great preview of the adventures to come for Clare and her friends.

1 SimsalaGrimm II: Adventures of Yoyo and Doc Croc – 8.8

Simsala Grimm II Characters The Adventures of Yoyo and Doc Croc

  • No streaming information available at this time

SimsalaGrimm II: The Adventures of Yoyo and Doc Croc is a follow-up installation to the German children’s animated series. There are more stories from the Brothers Grimm as well as other additional legendary tales. The series is fun to watch for the whole family.

Much like the inaugural series, Coughlan returns to his place in the voice-over set to create a pleasant atmosphere for the tales to breathe. “Bearskin” is one of the charming tales told, one of the journeys of a classic hero that must be completed before he can settle down with the woman he loves.

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