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The Boonville R-1 School Board met last Wednesday to discuss a number of items, including everything from Boonville Town Administrator Kate Fjell’s financial hearing on the city ​​football grounds to covid numbers with the district.

Boonville R-1 Superintendent Sarah Marriott said the football complex’s finances are just one review since the city and school district share similar or nearby property or property. “Each year, the city presents a status or summary of how the year went for the football complex,” Marriott said.

The board also discussed the long-range operational and facilities plan, which was presented by both Marriott and Deputy Superintendent Fred Smith. Marriott said this includes the districts’ strategic plan they adopted to review facility operations. She said the board looked at several areas, including things like leadership and governance, financial facilities, the assessment program, and looked at the district’s current practices for each of those areas and then identified the needs. .

“Some of our positives and highlights that we have accomplished would be work in the curriculum area, as well as improved facilities in the district and a good financial position in resources,” Marriott said. “The areas of need that we identified would be the formation of leadership and data teams at each level of the building, as well as the streamlining of human resources, processes and procedures.”

Smith also gave council an update on the status of construction projects in the district. Marriott said in a presentation to the board, Smith said the district is making progress on classroom renovations at Laura Speed ​​Elliott and he hopes they will be complete in the coming weeks. Smith also spoke about the work at BTEC and where they are done for the year and will resume in the summer when students are no longer in attendance.

The board also approved posting bids for district network switches and security systems. Marriott said Boonville R-1 ITT Manager Kevin Car Penter has approached the board to invest in some upgrades to their network in the district. Carpenter added that much of the financing will be covered by the E rate refund.

In other news, the district hosted an early reading of the EF policy as well as the math and ELA curriculum. Marriott said the PE policy relates to respect for civil rights and restaurant service. She said it’s just an identified area where they want to make sure they have a well-aligned policy.

Regarding the ELA program, Marriott said it was the K-12 math and English program and the district’s program teams had been working on it for about three years. “They have collated all the information and developed a program in these two areas, and the board is reviewing it over the next month and will approve or make changes at the February board meeting.

The board also approved moving the April 20 meeting to April 13 to meet the board reorganization deadline as well as the February meeting to the 23.

In the superintendent’s report, Marriott said the district is carefully monitoring attendance at this time. She said the district has noticed an increase in covid cases. “We’re just monitoring that and determining if we need to consider any changes,” Marriott said. “As of January 12, we had 20 covid post students and two staff members. We are increasing our cleaning measures to try to address some of this as much as possible, and then we are also looking at staffing and carefully monitoring this to see if we need to make any changes in a short period of time.

Marriott also mentioned in the superintendent’s report ahead of the February board meeting where they will begin discussing health insurance offerings as well as the potential for any future facility plans. “We’ll also be discussing surrogate fill rates,” Marriott said. “Right now we’re struggling to fill some substitute positions and we need to be creative in how we get classroom coverage.”


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