Apple (AAPL) picks up higher [Video]


The short-term view of the Elliott wave in Apple (AAPL) shows that the pullback from wave IV ended at 154.63. The stock resumed wave V to the upside in the form of a 5-wave impulse structure. However, it still needs to break above wave III at 182.94 to rule out a double correction. Up from wave IV, wave ((i)) ended at 162.30 and wave ((ii)) pullback ended at 157.01. Price then resumes higher in wave ((iii)) towards 163.98, wave ((iv)) bottoms ended at 162.57 and wave ((v)) ended at 164.39. This completed wave 1 at the top degree.

Wave 2 pullback ended at 157.50 with internal pattern as Elliott Wave zigzag pattern. Down from wave 1, wave ((a)) ended at 157.82, wave ((b)) ended at 163.84 and wave ((c)) ended at 163.84. closed at 157.50. This wave 2 withdrawal has been completed. From there, wave ((i)) of 3 ended at 168.38 and wave ((ii)) of 3 ended at 161.86. The stock rallied in wave ((iii)) 3 towards 175.88, wave ((iv)) 3 ended at 173.23. Finally, wave ((v)) of 3 ended at 176.24. Wave 4 pullback ended at 172.12. Expect the stock to extend one more leg higher to end wave 5 and end wave (1). Then it should pull back into wave (2) to correct the cycle from the January 25, 2022 low before resuming higher.

AAPL 1 Hour Elliott Wave Chart

Apple (AAPL) Elliott Wave Video


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