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Trump’s legal woes mount without presidential protection

WASHINGTON (AP) — Donald Trump’s latest legal troubles — sweeping allegations of fraud by the New York attorney general and a brutal repudiation by the federal judges he has appointed — have laid bare the challenges now piling up that the former president operates without the protections offered by the White House. The bluster and bravado that served him well in the political arena are less useful in a legal field dominated by verifiable evidence, where judges this week have looked askance at his positions. Just this week, he was sued in New York and a federal appeals court rejected his legal team’s arguments.

US urges world to tell Russia to stop nuclear threats

UNITED NATIONS (AP) – The United States is urging other nations to tell Russia to stop making nuclear threats and end the “horror” of its war in Ukraine. Top diplomats from the three countries spoke at a high-profile meeting of the UN Security Council. But they didn’t quite meet. Held alongside the annual meeting of world leaders of the United Nations General Assembly, the session followed a stark development of the war this week. Russia has called up some of its reserves for the first time since World War II. At the same time, President Vladimir Putin said his nuclear-armed country would “use all means at its disposal” to defend itself if its territory were threatened.

Tears and hugs for Russians called up to fight in Ukraine

ZAPORIZHZHIA, Ukraine (AP) — Russia is stepping up its military and political campaign to gain control of Ukrainian territory. Russian army reservists have been rounded up to fight as pro-Moscow authorities prepare for voter referendums starting Friday that could lead to the annexation of four Russian-held regions of Ukraine. A day after President Vladimir Putin ordered a partial mobilization to bolster his troops in Ukraine, dramatic scenes of tearful families bidding farewell to men leaving military mobilization centers in Russia emerged on social media on Thursday. The German Interior Minister has offered concrete support to potential deserters. She said anyone who “bravely opposes Putin’s regime and therefore puts themselves in the greatest danger” can apply for asylum.

Biden swears US won’t walk away from storm-hit Puerto Rico

SAN SALVADOR, Puerto Rico (AP) — President Joe Biden said the full force of the federal government stands ready to help Puerto Rico recover from the devastation of Hurricane Fiona. Speaking in New York on Thursday, he said hundreds of FEMA and other federal officials are already on the ground with more help on the way. He said his message to the people of Puerto Rico is: “We are with you. We are not going away. Meanwhile, Bermuda and Atlantic Canada are bracing for a major outburst from the Category 4 storm. It is expected to spend the night near Bermuda, where authorities are opening shelters.

Why does a NASA spacecraft crash into an asteroid?

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — A NASA spacecraft is about to strike a small, harmless asteroid millions of miles away. The spacecraft named Dart will zero in on the asteroid on Monday, intending to hit it head-on at 14,000 mph. The impact should be just enough to push the asteroid into a slightly tighter orbit around its companion space rock. It is the world’s first rescue experience of its kind. If successful, the test will demonstrate that if ever a killer asteroid heads our way, we have a fighting chance. Dart took off on the $325 million mission last fall.

At least 9 dead as Iran protests against the spread of a woman’s death

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Clashes between Iranian security forces and protesters have killed at least nine people since violence erupted over the weekend. That’s according to a tally published by the Associated Press on Thursday, based on statements from Iran’s state and semi-official media. Protests in Iran began with an outpouring of anger following the death last week of a young woman detained by the country’s vice police for allegedly violating its strictly enforced dress code. The government has largely shut down internet access in an attempt to curb protests, in which many have called for the overthrow of Iran’s ruling clerics.

Alex Jones testifies at trial for his Sandy Hook hoax lies

WATERBURY, Conn. (AP) — Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has spoken during his trial in Connecticut in an attempt to limit the damages he must pay for calling the Sandy Hook school pulling a prank. Jones spoke Thursday in Waterbury. The lawsuit must decide damages for an FBI agent who responded to the school and families of eight deceased children and adults who sued Jones for defamation. A total of 20 first graders and six educators were killed at the Newtown school in 2012. Relatives of the victims testified emotionally in the first six days of the trial that they had been traumatized by people who said that the shooting was fake.

AP sources: Celtics consider suspending Ime Udoka

BOSTON (AP) — Two people with knowledge of the matter say Boston Celtics coach Ime Udoka is headed for a probable suspension for violating team policy. The people spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because defending Eastern Conference champion Celtics have not revealed any details publicly. The length of the suspension has not been determined. One of the people who spoke to the AP said the Celtics have decided that assistant coach Joe Mazzulla will take over the team on an interim basis if Udoka is suspended.

FTC says Bezos and Jassy must testify in Amazon Prime investigation

WASHINGTON (AP) — Federal regulators are ordering Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and CEO Andy Jassy to testify in the government’s investigation into Amazon Prime. Regulators dismissed the company’s complaint that executives were being unfairly harassed as part of the investigation into the popular streaming and shopping service. The Federal Trade Commission issued an order denying Amazon’s request to quash civil subpoenas issued in June to Bezos, the Seattle-based company’s former CEO, and Jassy. The order also sets a Jan. 20 deadline for the completion of all testimony from Bezos, Jassy and 15 other senior executives, who have also been subpoenaed.

James Cameron Turns Earth Ahead of New ‘Avatar’ Release

NEW YORK (AP) — There’s a new nature documentary series that promises to show viewers incredible animal behavior in brilliant clarity. Have you heard all this before? Well, this one’s on steroids. “Super/Natural,” a six-part series from National Geographic on Disney+, tapped “Avatar” creator James Cameron as executive producer, and he added special effects in addition to cutting-edge cinematic technology . Effects sometimes turn animals into something like stars in a Marvel movie, with their air-distorting bellows, heavy attacks that cause shockwaves in the sand, or an insect’s pheromones rendered like clouds bright harmful. Even trees light up when sugars flow through their roots.

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