An interview with the founder of University Recruiters, the most popular brand in the recruiting space


NEW YORK, NY/ACCESSWIRE/February 10, 2022/ University Recruiters is changing the landscape of modern recruiting and its CEO, Jeff Martin, is leading the way.

Jeff Martin is an expert in recruitment and career coaching. He advises senior executives of Fortune 100 and 500 companies on the best hiring strategies and runs one of the top recruitment agencies in the United States, University Recruiters. UR manages the staffing needs of some of the most prestigious companies in the country.

UR operates like no other recruitment agency and the staff are passionate about their unique core beliefs:

  1. Act like you work for the company you’re hiring for – “No one remembers my company (University recruiters), they remember the one I’m calling about,” Martin began. This is why UR operates as if they work for the company that hires new talent, they believe that being an extension of their client’s team is their responsibility by acting in alignment with the values ​​the organization hopes they will have. reflected new talent.

  2. Lead with empathy – Martin emulates top-down belief to operate from the heart, not your mind. The focus of college recruiters has always been the customer first. In fact, one of Martin’s core beliefs is, “I’d rather deny you than let you down.”

  3. Spread all news with compassion – 92% of adults fear seeking a new job, especially if it’s not a choice they made. UR executives are therefore trained to operate with sensitivity to the process and act as if it were their own. family member with whom they speak during a delicate time in their lives.

It is evident that Martin’s followers also respect his leadership principles, he has expanded his audience on instagram and LinkedIn per 100,000s. His following, fashion and inspiration even earned him an endorsement from a popular menswear line in 2021.

When I ask Martin what he attributes his success to, he replies, “Searching for a job is a really tough time in someone’s life. I commit to improving it. In fact, I try to make the process of finding new work as painless as possible and so does my team.”

Recently, the company has felt the need to develop in the following areas to better meet the needs of its customers and exceed their expectations:

  1. They expanded their offerings to include media services through The Jeffrey Agency. The organization uses its knowledge of the press to help company executives apply for places in major publications, such as Business Insider, article lists and features such as “Best Place to Work”, which makes their recruiting process even easier with the social proof that they need (and deserve) to attract top talent.

  2. UR also trains other social media executives: Martin started a LinkedIn training that has been extremely popular and has helped not only companies that attract new talent to present themselves in a new way, but also entrepreneurs who value Martin’s leadership to emulate his tactics.

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UR is a reputable placement agency that aims to help you match your skills and career goals to the needs of one of our employer partners. They offer services for job seekers, job applications, resume writing and career development training, and resume writing.


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