Americans plan to hand out treats on Halloween


Americans will resume Halloween candy distribution this year, according to a recent CBS News poll. About half of Americans say that a member of their household will be handing out candy or other treats this year on Halloween.

That’s nearly double the percentage who said they would do so in 2020, when coronavirus cases were on the rise across the country and before vaccines were available. The percentage that plans to hand out Halloween treats this year is in line with what was recorded years before the start of the coronavirus outbreak.

But candy isn’t America’s favorite thing about Halloween. When asked what they liked most about the holidays, the first choice was costumes, followed by decorations – only 22% chose candy, which was the third option. 13% said they didn’t like anything about Halloween.

This survey was conducted by telephone from October 12 to 17, 2021 with a random sample of 1,010 adults across the country. Data collection was conducted on behalf of CBS News by SSRS of Glen Mills, PA. Telephone numbers were dialed from samples of standard landlines and cell phones.

The survey used a random numbering methodology. For the landline sample, one respondent was randomly selected from all adults in the household. For the cell sample, interviews were conducted with the person who answered the phone.

Interviews were conducted in English and Spanish using live interviewers. The data has been weighted to reflect US Census figures on demographic variables. The sampling error for results based on the whole sample could be plus or minus 3.6 percentage points. The error for subgroups may be higher and is available on request. The margin of error includes the effects of standard weighting procedures which slightly increase the sampling error. This survey release complies with the disclosure standards of the National Council of Public Surveys.

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