After resigning, Clinton resumes search for senior program coordinator


By Eric O’Connell/ • 02/08/2022 2:15 PM EST

Following the resignation of her newly hired senior program coordinator shortly after being hired, Clinton will re-post the job posting and seek to fill the newly created position.

On December 1, 2021, the city officially welcomed Lynn McCarthy as the program’s first senior coordinator. About a month later, she quit for personal reasons, city manager Karl Kilduff announced.

McCarthy resigned in early January and although his time was short, Kilduff said his work had had an impact.

“She resigned because her personal situation changed. We are grateful and appreciate the work she was able to undertake to help build a senior program at Clinton. Although his tenure was brief, his work helped lay the foundation for the future of our program,” said Kilduff.

McCarthy was officially hired in November 2021. She was paid $24 per hour for 15 hours per week.

Kilduff said the city would advertise a position again, but warned it could be some time before the position is filled.

“The city will re-advertise the position looking for another self-starter who can help us create a program for the first time. Since there is no manual or map to follow, we are looking for a unique person. As a result, it can take a while to find the right skill set in a person,” Kilduff said.

According to the job description, the Program Director would work under the direction of the City Manager to coordinate and be a resource person for all programs for seniors. This includes marketing, developing programs, sensitizing the community to know its needs, recruiting volunteers and being the point of contact for all relevant municipal services. The coordinator will also provide regular updates on what is happening with the city’s senior population.

The idea for the position grew out of a desire by city council members to better serve the city’s older population. For years, some community members have complained that seniors are underserved in Clinton, especially compared to what’s available in other nearby communities.

Following a December 2020 report from a subcommittee on the needs of older adults in Clinton, the city council voted unanimously in January 2021 to create a senior program coordinator position to be included in the budget 2021-22. Once the budget was passed and the current fiscal year began in July, the city began looking for someone to fill this position. The city will again seek to do so.


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