5 useful sites to improve your career prospects


5 useful sites to improve your career prospects.


5 useful sites to improve your career prospects

5 useful sites to improve your career prospects.

Whether you’re just starting out in your career or thinking about changing jobs, there may be times when you need career advice on a number of occasions.

Here are 5 useful websites that can help improve your career prospects.

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In effect

You may already be familiar with Indeed if you’ve ever tried searching for job boards online. Indeed has articles on almost every topic, including career growth, resumes, and interviews. Finding the posts you are interested in is simple with its organized categorization. Indeed provides information on a variety of professional and work-life topics in addition to job search. For example, you can discover advice on personal development, leadership and professional goals through this platform.

How to become

How to Become, true to its name, is a website that helps you learn how to become a professional in a myriad of different careers. From firefighting to chiropractors to robbery, this website has a collection of helpful career guides that detail the type of certification and/or experience you need to qualify for a certain profession. It also lists online schools that offer academic courses based on specific careers. You can also filter your search based on your area of ​​interest and degree level.

The balance

If you’re looking for in-depth career guides for the different stages of your personal and professional growth, The Balance is a website you should check out. It’s packed with career advice and professional advice on how to not only find new jobs, but also improve your current job. It also has dedicated sections for budgeting, investing, mortgages, small business, and career planning with plenty of self-help guides to help you on your career journey.

The muse

The Muse gives helpful career advice to help you succeed professionally. Choosing a career path is certainly a difficult choice. The Muse talks about several professions and how to practice them. It then provides information on the hiring process, covering everything from resumes and interviews to job offers and changing jobs. The Muse explains how to advance your work while leading a fulfilling life. The best part is that it places a strong emphasis on inclusivity and diversity in the workplace, encouraging workers to respect each other.


TopResume is a resume writing company that blogs about how to write great resumes. It covers work-life balance, career changes and interacting with recruiters. It also discusses how to deal with the stress of job search and unemployment. Other topics covered on TopResume include working remotely and progressing in your work. Additionally, TopResume addresses many crucial topics including networking and personal branding. There are also articles on using LinkedIn to its full potential on the platform. As the name suggests, TopResume includes a ton of information on how to write a resume and cover letter that will improve your chances of landing an interview.


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