Awryt Just Right... Awryt! Tue, 13 Apr 2010 18:30:28 +0000 en hourly 1 Tips in Organizing your Kitchen Cabinets Tue, 13 Apr 2010 18:30:28 +0000 awryt Kitchen cabinets are not for aesthetic purposes but it can serve as an organizer in your kitchen. It is easy to organize the things inside a cabinet. One tip is to throw things that you don’t use anymore. Just because the stuff is expensive or you may used it one day are not enough reason to keep them. You can donate these items or sell them. They just take up space and hampering you to achieve an organized nook in your favorite area. After throwing the things that you don’t use, it is now time to organize the items found in the kitchen cabinet.
kitchen organizing tips

Start with the drawers. There are drawer organizers that you can buy. This would prevent you to be tempted on throwing things in the drawer. You don’t want to create a junk drawer filled with messed up items. There are kitchen cabinets that have built in shelves. With this, there is no need to buy supplies used for organization. It is best to keep items together. Bowls should be stacked together as well as plates, glasses and mugs. If you know that you will use the items regularly, it is best to keep them within reach.

There are kitchen cabinets with enough space so you can store seasonal items like holiday plates. Make room also for everyday dinnerware. There are kitchen cabinets that pose challenges when it comes to viewing them. It is best if you can be able to maximize the space in your cabinet. If the kitchen cabinet is hard to reach then it is best to opt for sliding cabinet drawers. An option is also a cabinet roll out storage which is a little pricier but helpful if you have a wide area. You can also transform existing shelves to a roll out one.  However, the drawback of this is that it could cost you more.

Create more space by getting suitable kitchen cabinets that can suit your distinct needs in your kitchen. An organized kitchen inspires and relaxes you to make cooking such an enjoyable activity.

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What Channel is the USA vs Canada Hockey Game On? Mon, 22 Feb 2010 03:59:23 +0000 Ashley Many are wondering why the US Canada Hockey Adventure will not be aired on NBC tonight but for the US vs Canada Hockey Channel: MSNBC. You are able to continually seem for that stay streaming in the event on the net by looking for your keywords ‘US Canada Hockey Gameplay Take up residence Stream’ or ‘Watch US vs Canada Hockey Channel’
what channel is the usa vs canada hockey game on

what channel is the usa vs canada hockey game on

The USA men’s hockey team and Canada men’s hockey team will be in the bout is often a part of the Super Sunday hockey triple-header. Rivals Russia and Czech Republic will perform in the early games in a very exciting rematch with the 1998 Olympic final; and Sweden and Finland, the 2006 Olympic finalists, possess a rematch inside the late games today.

The coverage from the USA vs Canada Hockey Gameplay won’t be aired on NBC but on MSNBC. The MSNBC is usually a cable television information channel that is aired not just on channels in US and Canada but in addition in some components with the world. The gameplay will probably be aired on MSNBC HD Direct Tv or Direct Tv MSNBC HD.

The US Canada Video game time is now. The complement is right now being played suitable now and is within the second period. It’s actually just one with the finest and most enjoyable hockey matches ever. Right now, the score between the two teams is: 2-2. A really heated up match.

What channel is MSNBC? MSNBC is really a joint network in between Microsoft and NBC airing about the cable catering you news. Too poor some individuals don’t have cable to enjoy the complement. Luckily, there may be continually the web to watch the stay stream online game in the US Canada Hockey Online game.

That is a portion of the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games 2010 | Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010 coverage. We hope you enjoy watching the Winter Olympics!

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Lady Gaga and Eminem Added to the Roster of “We Are the World” Remake Tue, 02 Feb 2010 05:19:43 +0000 awryt You heard it right! The quirky Lady Gaga and Eminem are joing the 100 plus stars who will sing for the benefit of Haiti. They will sing the remake of “We Are the World”, which was used before in USA for Africa in 1985. Other big name stars include Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake and Barbra Streisand.
The 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards - Backstage
The producer of the new version RedOne announced that the “We Are the World” remake will be recorded today in an undisclosed Los Angeles studio. Not only will the track feature an all-star vocal talent, but the producer announced the instrumentation will also be provided by Orianthi (the guitarist for Michael Jackson’s This Is It show) and other acclaimed musicians in the industry. Below is the older version of “We Are The World”:

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Lost Season 6 Episode 1 Trailer – Are You Excited? Sat, 30 Jan 2010 03:55:04 +0000 awryt Lost Season 6 will premiere on February 2 2010 and many fans are on the edge of their toes to watch the two-hour premiere. Yes, Lost Season 6 Episode 1 and 2 will be shown on that same day! The promo video for the Lost Season 6 Episode 1 shows the first four minutes of the actual show.

Lost Season 6 Episode 1 Preview  - Lost Final Season

Lost Season 6 Episode 1 Preview

In this video, you will see the conclusion of what happened in the end of Lost Season 5 where there are tremors of electromagnetic origin. We will finally see what happened to Juliet after she detonates the bomb. We’re so excited ourselves so brace yourselves for the Lost Season 6 Episode 1 trailer below:

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Nick Jonas As a Talk Show Host? Sat, 30 Jan 2010 03:37:09 +0000 awryt After his chitchat in the Regis _ Kelly show, Joe Jonas has been egged by many that he can be a good host someday. Joe Jonas would want to ponder on that proposition. Thinking that this TV soiree can be fun. However, he later decided that he’ll stick to music.

Nick Jonas Hosting Regis and Kelly

Nick Jonas Talks About Hosting

That’s right. You cannot be Jack-of-all-trades and master of none, Joe Jonas. Your singing career is still on a takeoff and it’s better you concentrate in honing that craft before venturing into another field like hosting. Here’s Joe Jonas mulling over a possible hosting stint as he enjoyed the Regis _ Kelly experience he had:

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Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps Trailer Fri, 29 Jan 2010 00:59:51 +0000 awryt Shia LeBeouf’s much awaited rejoinder to his Transformers 2 is now out with a trailer. Of course, it’s an honor that he gets to act opposite to Michael Douglas in a bid to make more mature roles for Shia.

Shia LeBeouf in Wall Street 2 Trailer

Shia LeBeouf in Wall Street 2 Trailer

The 24 year old actor will play the boyfriend of Gordon Gekko’s daughter played by Carey Mulligan. Gordon Gekko is the original role played by Michael Douglas in a 1987 movie where he won an Academy Award. This sequel will play around on a theme where Gekko gets to be out of prison already. Here’s the trailer of Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps below:

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Jamie Foxx Judging American Idol 2011? Tue, 26 Jan 2010 13:20:47 +0000 awryt Academy Award winning actor Jamie Foxx is an eager beaver to get Simon Cowell’s slot when he leaves American Idol next year.  Although we can say that Jamie might have the credentials on judging a singing competition, he’s just too lackluster at the trail of Simon in the judge’s panel.
Jamie Foxx Judging American Idol 2011

Other replacements for Simon Cowell have emerged like Madonna and other music producers. Jamie Foxx may be just like Randy Jackson, so he might as well be not a very exciting choice for a Simon replacement.

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Leighton Meester New Song ‘Your Love’s A Drug’ Sat, 23 Jan 2010 00:11:54 +0000 awryt Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester proudly releases her new song entitled ‘Your Love’s A Drug’. This is a part of her album which will be unleashed this Spring.
Leighton Meester Your Loves a Drug

The 23 year old actress is now really uptight in adding a slash singer in her title. We’re just hoping you’ll do more fabulous MTVs with your songs and you’ll be having Miley Cyrus for a run for her money. Listen to her fabulous electro-pop song below:

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Dr. 90210: What Happened To It? Wed, 13 Jan 2010 20:52:52 +0000 awryt Ever since its debut on the E! channel in 2004, Dr. 90210 became one of the hottest docu-reality shows on television. Initially, the show followed the daily life of Dr. Robert Rey (a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon). Eventually, the show began to feature other plastic surgeons, too.
Dr. 90210 Robert Rey Educates Paparazzi on Breast Implants!

Despite it being one of the E! channel’s hottest shows, lately we haven’t seen any new episodes air. This has led many to assume the show has been canceled. According to a discussion on one prominent plastic surgery message board, the show has not been canceled or renewed because the executive producer Donald Bull allegedly had some other projects to work on. It’s unclear whether or not we can expect to ever see new episodes of Dr. 90210.

Although there are a number of people that miss the show, others argue that some of the doctors featured are not qualified. For example, this rhinoplasty forum features a number of complaints by patients who allege that they chose their surgeon based on the show, and in turn, ended up with a botched nose job. They claim that the show portrayed some plastic surgeons as rhinoplasty experts, when in reality they were doctors that have only been in practice a few short years.

Whether you love the show or hate it, only time will tell if there will be any new episodes in the future. If there isn’t, we can probably expect to see a similar pop up on another network.

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American Idol Season 9 Episode 2- Atlanta, GA Auditions 9×2 Mon, 11 Jan 2010 03:45:04 +0000 awryt

American Idol Season 9 Episode 2 Atlanta, GA Auditions on January 13, 2010, Wednesday. The auditions continue on the second part of two-night season premiere of American Idol as the judges continue their quest to find the next singing superstar from Atlanta, Georgia.

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