Dr. 90210: What Happened To It?

Ever since its debut on the E! channel in 2004, Dr. 90210 became one of the hottest docu-reality shows on television. Initially, the show followed the daily life of Dr. Robert Rey (a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon). Eventually, the show began to feature other plastic surgeons, too.
Dr. 90210 Robert Rey Educates Paparazzi on Breast Implants!

Despite it being one of the E! channel’s hottest shows, lately we haven’t seen any new episodes air. This has led many to assume the show has been canceled. According to a discussion on one prominent plastic surgery message board, the show has not been canceled or renewed because the executive producer Donald Bull allegedly had some other projects to work on. It’s unclear whether or not we can expect to ever see new episodes of Dr. 90210.

Although there are a number of people that miss the show, others argue that some of the doctors featured are not qualified. For example, this rhinoplasty forum features a number of complaints by patients who allege that they chose their surgeon based on the show, and in turn, ended up with a botched nose job. They claim that the show portrayed some plastic surgeons as rhinoplasty experts, when in reality they were doctors that have only been in practice a few short years.

Whether you love the show or hate it, only time will tell if there will be any new episodes in the future. If there isn’t, we can probably expect to see a similar pop up on another network.

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  1. tv shows January 26 , 2010 at 4:05 pm #

    Ack, I can’t even begin to try to keep up with all my TV shows. Luckily, the DVR does most of my work. Its a lifesaver.

  2. beverlyhills 90210 January 28 , 2010 at 3:49 pm #

    Established on recent TV ratings and reviews, the newest juvenile spin off seems to be tipping way below the popularity and success of Aaron Spelling’s multimillion dollar teen franchise of the 90’s. Although, 90210 TV show’s producers and scriptwriters have been firm in their stand that they intend to veer away from anything that would make the recent show a spin off of its predecessor, the effort still seemed futile. Moreover, the teenage drama failed to offer something that BH 90210 has already offered its viewers in its reign. Some TV critics are even saying that that the former is arguably better than the recent 90210 TV show based on viewer’s response, storyline, character development, and the show’s ability to influence pop culture.

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