Creating Great Space with Auralex

Auralex Studiofoam ReviewHad this nagging idea to convert my spare room into a fully decked home theater and viewing room. This should translate into hours and hours of fun for our family – might make us fully appreciate the power of surround sound and all that high definition features. It seems such a waste to have a good projector and video player and not have the right room to set it up in. Plus, it’s also going to be a definite treat to listen to all the jazz greats on excellent speakers. So, I checked out the best products online and went off to do some serious hunting for acoustic foams for my project room.

I got the Auralex Studiofoam Designer Kit for starters because the features seem appropriate for what I need. My main objective was to make the room sound a lot less like an empty box with echoes and all. I’ve tried testing out our speakers in the empty room and it sounded horrible so I knew I had to get something to absorb the bouncing sounds. I chose Auralex even if there were stuff that came cheaper because I wanted to use foams that were used by professionals because this meant that they really work.


I tried to locate the places where I should install the foams to get a better sound reception. The area behind the speakers required one but I debated between using foam wedges versus the sheets. For one, the wedges were perfect for installation behind speakers although they don’t exactly improve the aesthetics. It is too easy to overdo the placement of foams but I was doing it on a bit by bit basis to better gauge if the room was already acoustically tight. In the end, I decided on the foam sheets because they easily blend into the background and they’re easier to handle.


I also read somewhere that the foams which are uncut have better absorption which is perfect for me and it helps maintain the clean, tidy, look of the area. Placing foams around the speakers did the trick along with the use of some pieces of VersaTile. This is a relatively new product from Auralex and lives up to its name of versatility. These portions are uniquely shaped so you can either stick them flat to the wall for better broadband absorption or in a corner of the room. Another plus point for these is that they come cheaper than other corner products.

At this point, I’m pretty satisfied with the quality of sound that’s produced in my studio room and I’m ready to embark on a higher level of audio-visual experience. So far, Auralex has delivered on its promise of efficient acoustic insulation. Add to this is its flame retardant quality which makes it compliant to building and fire safety standards.

How Auralex Studiofoam Fared Under My Review
These would make speakers deliver the quality of sound as they should and works well with home theater too.
Look and
Aesthetics-wise, these could be challenging to install but a few tweaks can make wonders.
They are cheap and Auralex products are known for their quality.
These studiofoams could dramatically improve the acoustics in your room. I strongly suggest you grab them too.

Greyson Chance Performs Paparazzi in Ellen

Everyone’s hailing him as the next Justin Bieber when he chugged out an impressive performance of Lady Gaga’s ‘Paparazzi’ in a middle school event. Yes, he’s Greyson Chance and he got invited in Ellen.
Greyson Chance Performs Paparazzi in Ellen

Greyson Chance is a sixth grader from Edmond, Oklahoma. He’s obviously skilled at playing the piano and has composed a couple of songs already. His Youtube video of him performing ‘Paparazzi’ in school. In the show, Lady Gaga even gave Greyson some advice. Here’s Greyson Chance performance video in Ellen:

Paula Abdul Demands $3 Million Before Judging American X-Factor

You heard that right! Paula Abdul is acting like a diva by demanding $3 million in advance right before actually doing her job as a judge in the American version of X-Factor.
Paula Abdul Demands $3 Million Before Judging American X-Factor
If we remember it right, Simon Cowell invited Paula to be a judge in the new TV reality show as a courtesy of her being axed as a judge in American Idol 2010. Unfortunately, with this diva-like attitude, Paula might just lose this gig too if the British music mogul will be irked at her unscrupulous demands. Ease it out, Paula! You might just lose the second wind you need to elevate your flickering career in show business!

Perez Hilton's Carn-Evil 32nd Birthday Party-Arrivals

Paula Abdul Heads To Anastasia On April 22, 2010 In Beverly Hills, CA

Glee Goes Gaga Over Their Lady Gaga Episode

Do they want some loving or do they want their revenge? But certainly, the Glee cast is thrilled to the highest level as they honor the eccentric Lady Gaga in their episode entitled Theatricality. Aside from being able to sing her famous songs, the Glee cast has an all-out Lady Gaga costume ensemble in order to emulate the Telephone singer’s upbeat fashion sense.
Glee Goes Gaga Over Their Lady Gaga Episode

It’s not all Lady Gaga in this episode because the boys, led by Cory Monteith, will also perform KISS tracks. Chris Colfer, who portrays Kurt in the show believed that they “might have had more fun doing the Lady Gaga episode than the Madonna episode..” Another cast member Jenna Ushkowitz shared that everything was “crazy” as they had big wigs and “ridiculous” outfits that were so creatively Gaga. Lea Michele admitted that wearing those Gaga-inspired costumes were “difficult” and she had to congratulate Lady Gaga for being able to endure all that. Lea added that it was so much fun shooting the said episode that she considers it the “baby Madonna episode… if not just as good”.

Cory, on the other hand, is totally not comfortable with the face paint he has to wear to emulate the KISS rock band members. He said: “There was grease paint all over your face… and then you can’t touch your face… Or else the paint gets all over your fingers and runs. So your face gets itchy!” We think this Lady Gaga Glee episode is much awaited by all fans. We all can’t wait to hear all the versions of songs that will be featured there!

How Can You Look Like Lady Gaga

It’s virtually undeniable that Lady Gaga is the pop star to beat last year. With all her behemoth musical hits, everybody knows her bizarre fashion statements. This gets everyone wondering how to look like Lady Gaga in terms of dressing up?

Dressing up like Lady Gaga

First thing you should do is dye your hair blond. Lady Gaga is known for her shiny blond hair. You can wear it straight or curly, depends on your preference.

Next, wear an outrageous looking headdress. It can be a hat, a lobster or a mega-sized button. Anything on your head that catches attention is a signature Lady Gaga look.

Lastly, get a wardrobe to match your funky headdress. Edgier is better – and the more color, the merrier!

That’s it! My simple tips of how to look like Lady Gaga. You must be adventurous with fashion in order to brave the people who might stare at you when you walk down the street with new Lady Gaga look!

Lady Gaga wears a silver lobster headpiece and a chicken claw on her wrist for her latest outfit!

Lady GaGa performs live in concert at Glasgow's SECC as part of her Monster Ball Tour

MAC VIVA GLAM Launch - Arrivals

Tips in Organizing your Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are not for aesthetic purposes but it can serve as an organizer in your kitchen. It is easy to organize the things inside a cabinet. One tip is to throw things that you don’t use anymore. Just because the stuff is expensive or you may used it one day are not enough reason to keep them. You can donate these items or sell them. They just take up space and hampering you to achieve an organized nook in your favorite area. After throwing the things that you don’t use, it is now time to organize the items found in the kitchen cabinet.
kitchen organizing tips

Start with the drawers. There are drawer organizers that you can buy. This would prevent you to be tempted on throwing things in the drawer. You don’t want to create a junk drawer filled with messed up items. There are kitchen cabinets that have built in shelves. With this, there is no need to buy supplies used for organization. It is best to keep items together. Bowls should be stacked together as well as plates, glasses and mugs. If you know that you will use the items regularly, it is best to keep them within reach.

There are kitchen cabinets with enough space so you can store seasonal items like holiday plates. Make room also for everyday dinnerware. There are kitchen cabinets that pose challenges when it comes to viewing them. It is best if you can be able to maximize the space in your cabinet. If the kitchen cabinet is hard to reach then it is best to opt for sliding cabinet drawers. An option is also a cabinet roll out storage which is a little pricier but helpful if you have a wide area. You can also transform existing shelves to a roll out one.  However, the drawback of this is that it could cost you more.

Create more space by getting suitable kitchen cabinets that can suit your distinct needs in your kitchen. An organized kitchen inspires and relaxes you to make cooking such an enjoyable activity.

What Channel is the USA vs Canada Hockey Game On?

Many are wondering why the US Canada Hockey Adventure will not be aired on NBC tonight but for the US vs Canada Hockey Channel: MSNBC. You are able to continually seem for that stay streaming in the event on the net by looking for your keywords ‘US Canada Hockey Gameplay Take up residence Stream’ or ‘Watch US vs Canada Hockey Channel’

what channel is the usa vs canada hockey game on
what channel is the usa vs canada hockey game on

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Lady Gaga and Eminem Added to the Roster of “We Are the World” Remake

You heard it right! The quirky Lady Gaga and Eminem are joing the 100 plus stars who will sing for the benefit of Haiti. They will sing the remake of “We Are the World”, which was used before in USA for Africa in 1985. Other big name stars include Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake and Barbra Streisand.
The 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards - Backstage
The producer of the new version RedOne announced that the “We Are the World” remake will be recorded today in an undisclosed Los Angeles studio. Not only will the track feature an all-star vocal talent, but the producer announced the instrumentation will also be provided by Orianthi (the guitarist for Michael Jackson’s This Is It show) and other acclaimed musicians in the industry. Below is the older version of “We Are The World”:

Lost Season 6 Episode 1 Trailer – Are You Excited?

Lost Season 6 will premiere on February 2 2010 and many fans are on the edge of their toes to watch the two-hour premiere. Yes, Lost Season 6 Episode 1 and 2 will be shown on that same day! The promo video for the Lost Season 6 Episode 1 shows the first four minutes of the actual show.

Lost Season 6 Episode 1 Preview  - Lost Final Season
Lost Season 6 Episode 1 Preview

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